Dog Gets Food Using Jedi Mind Control

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Dear Mik and Mike: My dog is obsessed with food. I don’t mean he is hungry all the time, I mean it’s all he thinks about! When any of my roommates head into the kitchen he runs full speed into them. Recently he’s been throwing hockey style body blocks at people when they do not feed him, sacrificing his own body to block them from leaving the area or not feeding him. Two of my roommates complain that he stares at them and uses “Jedi mind control” on them and they feel hypnotized. He’s not allowed to eat certain foods and one of the roommates always gives it to him because of the “Jedi mind control”. Should I be concerned?

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I would be more concerned with the hypnotized roommates! What kind of person gets hypnotized by a hungry dog? Then again, there are some pretty strange things going on these days so who knows? Have you had your dog checked for worms? He may be hungry all the time because of parasites. I am no animal expert but dogs do love to eat!

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Have you considering posting some videos of the staring? There’s new guru on the scene who has a huge international following and all he does is stare. Never says a word. People claim to be healed by staring back at him. Your dog could make you some cash!

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