Militant Organican vs. Angry Salami Eater


Dear Mik and Mike: My boyfriend and I went to dinner at the house of one of my old friends from before I met my guy. My friend is a little on the hippy side and is all organic, shoes off in the house, you get the picture. My boyfriend is a real meat-eater. I think just to stir up some sh*t, he brought a platter of salami and other cold cuts to the dinner. My friend took the platter out in the back yard, dug a hole and buried it because she said the dead animals needed to be “put to rest”. My boyfriend got furious and left. Now I’m in the middle. What do I do?

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Well they are both being childish. What did your boyfriend expect? And what did you expect letting him bring that? If she is really your friend then you would know her well enough to know how she would respond. If there is a next time, don’t stand by, take action. Suggest that he apologize to her.

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It’s kind of funny! I might have been tempted to make a cross for the burial, and further antagonized everyone. Your boyfriend was acting like an idiot, and so was your friend, each one having adopted an extreme position. Miss Manners, who we love, might have recommended that the hostess hide the platter for a later and more private burial, or served it to the meat eaters, then never invited them again. Now you’re got a feud on your hands. My advice to you is to keep those two separated until your friend eats meat again or you get rid of the boyfriend. Then you can have a good laugh. Neither one is ever going to apologize and mean it.

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