Soy Milk Destroys Boyfriend’s Libido

Soy Milk Dear Mik and Mike: I just started dating a man who says he can’t drink soy milk or eat any soy products because soy destroys his libido. He’s great in bed so I’ll go along with this even if it’s BS. Have you ever heard of this?     Mike avatar

I have heard much about this. The part that scares me is growing man-tits. Soy is supposed to have female hormones in it or something like that. Soybeans are some of the most toxic vegetables (well… legumes) on the planet. Soybeans have been highly modified over the years. Pass on the tofu please!

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Soy-based products have estrogenic plant compounds called isoflavones, which anecdotally will reduce a man’s sex drive – and maybe give him chesticles. If your guy has told you this about himself, then he’s probably given it a lot of thought and exploration after noticing things weren’t working as usual. On the other hand, there is anecdotal evidence that soy will increase a woman’s libido. Ideally you two want to be on the same page on this topic. Make sure his burger is real and yours is tofu.

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