Why Do Asian People Cut in Line?

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Dear Mik and Mike: Why do Asian people cut in line? I wonder if this is a documented fact or just my imagination? Is it something genetic? Is it because the people who were not born in this country grew up in such crowded and or harsh conditions that they never learned any manners? Excuse me for generalizing by the way. When I go to Chinatown the old ladies bump me out of their way with their elbows. I played hockey in high school so I know the move. My friend’s dog does it on me as well when he wants food. Today, when I was in the security line waiting to get frisked by other impolite people the Asians in front of me invited their friends or family from another line to go in front of them (i.e. me). Ha, ha, smile, smile! What’s up with that?

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I too have dodged many an old woman in the streets of Chinatown or in Hong Kong. Other countries definitely have different sensibilities about lines or queues, as they call them elsewhere. I think some of the people from the third world countries grow up in an environment where it’s every man or woman for him or herself. It may be overcrowded and this is just how they survived. They then bring that consciousness to your country. You can battle it out with them, or speak up, but it won’t change anything. My suggestion is to just suck it up and keep playing with your iPhone or iPad.

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I don’t think it’s just Asians! I remember once waiting for 12 hours to board a plane in the Dakar airport. I had no more food, no more water, and no more money. When they opened the boarding gate the crowd went wild – pushing and shoving like a post-Christmas sale at Best Buy, just to get on that plane. Let me tell you something: I pushed, shoved, elbowed, and bumped with the rest of them, maybe even better! Because I got a seat. The best of us can turn into animals if our survival nerve is touched, and in some instances, it just becomes habitual. since you seem to be around Asian culture enough to generalize, have you considering learning more about it?

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