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My Gasbag of a Girlfriend

Asian Girl SunglassesDear Mik and Mike: I am not sure if this is politically correct or not to talk about, but I have an Asian girlfriend who farts a lot. I thought they were usually demure and shy, but she is actually proud and tells me whenever she farts, and it is a lot! I thought she was […]

I May Have Disrespected a Dwarf

Little PersonDear Mik and Mike: Recently I was shopping in my local food store. There was a dwarf working there. When I put my goods up on the table she said, “Can you push them to me, I can’t reach them”. I felt like an idiot!  Was I politically incorrect? Or what kind of incorrect was […]

The Doper Next Door: My Strange and Scandalous Year on Performance Enhancing Drugs

Doper Next DoorThe Doper Next Door: My Strange and Scandalous Year on Performance Enhancing Drugs by Andrew Tilin Journalist and cyclist Andrew Tilin goes in search of normal people who take performance-enhancing drugs. As a cyclist, he’s familiar with the pros who test positive for these substances, and the shame and scorn that goes with doping. But […]

My Father Thinks I’m a Lesbian

Rainbow flagDear Mik and Mike: I’m a 25 five year old woman who has lived with my mother all my life. My father left when I was a baby and although I see him on occasion I can’t say that we’re close. He’s also kind of an idiot. I just had lunch with him and found […]

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