My Boyfriend is Hidden Sexually

Sex ShopDear Mik and Mike: My boyfriend is very hidden sexually. I know he is thinking about something else or not all the way there when we are having sex. He is not the excitable type to begin with, except for when he watches sports on TV. I decided to take things into my own hands. […]

Does Anal Mean Gay?

GarterDear Mik and Mike: I am a confirmed heterosexual. At least until last night I thought I was. My girlfriend who is a bit on the aggressive side sexually said she wanted to try something new. I am always open minded to her ideas although I sometimes have to set some boundaries, like the time […]

Sexually Inspired by the Kentucky Derby

Kentucky DerbyDear Mik and Mike: I am a woman in my mid forties. I work out and think I have a pretty good body. Young men are always checking me out and flirting with me so I know I am at least, “O.K.” I have an older man for a mate. We have a great all […]

Fangtastic Dream!

Eric NorthmanDear Mik and Mike: I’m a big fan of True Blood and I will admit to a crush on Eric the Vampire. I keep having recurring dreams where he’s a main character. Last night I dreamed I was in a small apartment and Eric was there and he really wanted to “bite” me so to […]

Better Sex Life Through Science

ViagraDear Mik and Mike: What has this world come to? I am trying to watch a simple baseball game on TV and I am inundated with Viagra like commercials. First of all, I don’t want to think about sex when I am watching men run around the bases in tights. 2nd of all, I can’t […]

Lesbian Gets Back in the Dating Scene

LesbiansDear Mik and Mike: I’m kind of shy and embarrassed about asking you this, but I need some tips about sex toys. I’m a lesbian who until recently has been in a long-term relationship. My ex wasn’t into toys at all, but recently I met a woman who has mentioned that she likes them. Things […]

Less Endowed Man Holds Out on Sex

Small penisDear Mik and Mike: I am a gay man who is in a new relationship. The first time my boyfriend and I slept together, I of course noticed he was much more endowed than I am. Ever since our first encounter, I have had feelings of inadequacy in the bedroom and feel like a lesser […]

Soy Milk Destroys Boyfriend’s Libido

Soy MilkDear Mik and Mike: I just started dating a man who says he can’t drink soy milk or eat any soy products because soy destroys his libido. He’s great in bed so I’ll go along with this even if it’s BS. Have you ever heard of this?     I have heard much about this. […]

Sex With the CEO

BusinessmanDear Mik and Mike: I’m a thirty-six year old man who works for a fairly large software company. I’m sure you would recognize it if I told you the name. Last week I had a dream about the CEO of this company. In the dream we were having sex. The problem is that I’m not […]

Scrapbooking Dating Mashup

Glue stickDear Mik and Mike: I am a 50+ year-old single woman. My friends tell me I’m attractive, and I’m definitely fun to be with. Since I’m not meeting anyone just going back and forth to work, I recently decided to try online dating. I’m too shy to respond to anyone, so I’ve figured out a […]

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