Breaking Up With the Therapist

Man in therapyDear Mik and Mike: I have been seeing the same psychotherapist for many years, more then I want to admit. She says we have made tremendous progress but I still feel shitty all the time. Actually, I’m not really sure she’s a psychotherapist because now she does strange things during our sessions. She wants to […]

Weeping in the Aisles

Grocery Store AisleDear Mik and Mike: I have a problem that doesn’t seem to ever get resolved. When I go into large grocery stores by myself, and shop for many items, I begin to weep. I can’t help it! I feel it coming on and try to muscle through it, but by the time my cart is […]

Lonely MMA Fan

MMA Fighter ShadowDear Mik and Mike: I am a lonely middle-aged man living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I find myself watching reruns and multiple episodes of mixed martial arts on weekend nights instead of going out on dates or meeting with friends. I tell them I am busy or doing work when in fact I […]

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